In today’s working life, the ability to lead oneself is becoming increasingly important. Many people feel a great deal of pressure and struggle to cope with both internal and external demands. As an organisation, you can help your employees by offering them support to develop their personal leadership and by developing the leadership within the organisation.

Through lectures, courses and coaching, my goal is to be able to contribute towards a more sustainable working life where employees find balance in their everyday life and experience their work as meaningful.

As a coach and lecturer, I have two main focus areas: rhetoric and personal leadership. Two tracks that are closely connected to each other. When you are confident in yourself, in your strengths and in your needs, it improves your ability to communicate with others and makes them want to listen to you. And as you develop your rhetorical skills and your ability to communicate with others, you gain clarity and a sensitivity that can contribute towards a more sustainable and meaningful working life both for yourself and others.

I have considerable experience of lecturing, both online and on-site, and I can offer anything from short inspirational lectures to larger packages in the form of lectures/courses combined with individual coaching.

My lectures and courses are based on research combined with practical experience. My strengths include activating the participants, making everyone feel included and creating a relaxed atmosphere in person as well as online. I alternate theory and background with discussion, reflection, and practical exercises.

Examples of themes for lectures and courses

  • A sustainable everyday life – how do I achieve it?
  • Self-leadership and personal efficiency
  • Habits that support well-being at work
  • Creating healthy and sustainable habits
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