Find what you long for and discover your own voice!

We can all grow and discover more about who we are and what we have to offer. Coaching makes you more confident in yourself and in your abilities and can help you gain perspective.

As your coach, I will help you through a development process. I use different exercises and tools to help you gain perspective and clarity. Although we often have fun together, it can sometimes feel a little difficult when you challenge your ideas and your way of thinking. I am there to support you along the way.

My area of expertise in coaching is personal leadership. I will help you find what it is you want to do, the courage to do it, and help you learn how to handle both external and internal pressure.

I am a certified coach – ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) – with solid experience. I have coached many students and doctoral students but also people at different stages of working life.

This is how we work!

Step 1

The coaching process begins with us looking at your current situation and defining where you want to go. We set realistic and relevant goals, based on your own drive and your wishes.

Step 2

During the coaching process, you get perspective and see things more clearly. You become aware of your strengths and what is important to you. Sometimes you will be outside your comfort zone because I will both challenge and support you. You gain insights that strengthen you and help you work towards your goal.

Step 3

The coaching process ends with reflection and evaluation. We celebrate your progress, and you will take a wealth of insights and tools with you to continue your journey on your own.

A personal development process takes time. Based on your needs and your journey, we will decide for how long we will work together.


3 months (5 sessions à 60 min) – 750 € + VAT 24%
6 months (10 sessions à 60 min) – 1 250 € + VAT 24%

You can buy your preferred coaching package through my webshop using the link below. Please email me if you prefer to pay by invoice, either as a whole or with instalments.

Are you unsure of what kind of support you need?

Book a free 20-minute discovery call where we will get to know each other and discuss what needs you have and what would suit you best. Book the discovery call here.

Coaching for organisations

I offer coaching for both individuals and organisations, individually and in groups. If you represent a company or an organisation, you are welcome to contact me to get a proposal based on your situation and your needs.