Lectures and courses in rhetoric

Do you want to strengthen your organisation and provide your team with new tools that help you become even better at communicating and reaching out? Raise the level of your presentations so that the audience wants to continue listening? Or would you perhaps like to be able to help your team members feel safe speaking in front of an audience, online or physically on-site?

Webinars are becoming more and more common, and you might have noticed that it takes a little extra to capture the audience’s attention and keep them engaged via a screen. Just like with presentation skills in general, you can give your presentation a real boost with some small changes.

As a group, you can get anything from a brief inspirational lecture on a specific topic to an in-depth course on rhetoric and presentation skills.


During a short inspirational lecture of about 30-60 minutes, you will get a taste of a specific topic related to rhetoric and presentation skills. Examples of topics for such an inspirational lecture:

  • Lift your presentation with a few simple tips
  • Digital communication that engages the audience


During a lecture or a course (2-3 hours) we will dive into a specific topic. During the lecture/course you will get some practical tips that you can start using right away. Examples of topics for such a lecture/short course:

  • Dare to speak in front of an audience
  • Become clearer and more comfortable speaking in front of an audience
  • How to lift your online presentation


  • For two full days, we work together in a relaxed and safe atmosphere developing your presentation skills. Classical rhetoric is our starting point, and we adapt it to the needs of today and the context you work in. We will alternate theory and practical examples with exercises. The two course days are preferably held a few weeks apart.
  • During the course you will also get some tools and a common language that you can use to spur each other on and continue developing your presentations even after the course
Interested? Get in touch and we can discuss what would suit you best.