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I help people find what they are passionate about, find their own way forward, dare to stand up for themselves and their choices, and be able to communicate this to others. Perhaps you want to advance in your career and need a push forward or you want to find yourself in your role as a leader. Or maybe you just hava a vague feeling that you want a change, but are unsure of what it is you want to change.

This is what I am passionate about; helping people create a meaningful career and claim their space.

I work with both individuals and organisations.


With me as your coach, you work with purpose and focus towards achieving your goals and dreams. We focus on your strengths and always look forward. The insights you gain through the process make you grow. You might choose to work towards obtaining your career goals, changing course, or finding balance in life. You decide!


I give lectures and hold workshops and courses in rhetoric and communication skills, leadership development, and personal development.

My key values are focus on the individual and personal and professional, and this can be seen also in my lectures and courses.

Rhetoric and communication

I can help you get better at getting your message across. Your message will become more clearer and you will be able to argue for your cause in a constructive way. We will polish your presentation skills so that you feel comfortable in front of an audience and the audience will want to continue listening to you.


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