I will help you find your voice.

Alexandra Ohls

Why is it so easy to listen to some people? What is it that makes some people feel so genuine? So clear and engaging? And how do some people manage to convey their message so convincingly and make you feel seen?

Captivating rhetoric is about being clear about who you are and what you want. About finding your voice.

For some, all they need is to work on how they communicate and get some practical tips on how they can lift their presentation skills to a new level. For others, it starts with finding themselves. No matter where you stand, I’m here for you.

My services / What I offer


I can help you become a better speaker. You will learn how to get your message across and find your own voice. With a few simple changes, you can take your presentation technique to the next level, grow as a person, and develop as a communicator.


As your coach, I will help you through a development process. Everyone can grow and discover more about who they are and what they have to offer. Coaching makes you more confident in yourself and in your abilities and helps you gain perspective.

Lectures and courses

Through inspiration, new perspectives, and concrete tools, I help you and your organisation create a more meaningful and sustainable working life for your employees.


I am where you need me. I am based in Helsinki, but I work around Finland and the rest of the Nordic region. Location is no obstacle for me, as I am used to coaching and giving lectures remotely since many years back. When possible, I also like to work face-to-face, for instance during a live workshop in Vaasa, Mariehamn, Stockholm or perhaps in Tammisaari, Porvoo or Pietarsaari. I work mainly in Swedish and English, but I also coach in Finnish and French.

About Alexandra

I am an ICF-certified coach who is fascinated by rhetoric, communication, and the interaction between people. What drives me is helping people find their way forward and dare to believe in themselves.