Alexandra Ohls

My name is Alexandra Ohls, and I am a coach, facilitator and entrepreneur who is fascinated by rhetoric, communication, and the interaction between people. In 2016, I started my own coaching and training company, which I run alongside other work projects. For many years, I have worked within the university sector, where I have, among other things, coached many students and doctoral students.

Having experienced burnout myself, a sustainable working life is also close to my heart.

Education and background

ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
Executive MBA, Hanken School of Economics
MA, Åbo Akademi University

Specialist and leadership positions within education, communication, administration, and quality assurance.

My story

In 2010, I was head of a team of 20 people. My body had long been giving me warning signals that I had been ignoring and, in the end, I hit a wall. This was the starting point for me in trying find my own way forward and during this time I decided to train as a coach. My desire to help people find themselves and strive for a meaningful and sustainable working life is also a result of this personal journey.

Once in a while, I can still feel symptoms of fatigue. Finding balance and a sustainable way of working is therefore important to me. A meaningful working life helps me in this pursuit. I find joy in walking in nature and by the sea – this is where I can recharge and find balance, and it helps me deal with everyday stress. Spending time with friends and laughing out loud makes me happy. I also enjoy constantly learning new things and I like to read up on things that interest me. My friends and customers describe me as a warm, pleasant, positive, and talkative person whom you can easily trust.

My keywords

Genuine and honest

Finding oneself is one of the most important things a person can do for their own well-being. I want to help my customers find themselves, their own voice, and the courage to stand up for who they are.


A sustainable working life means finding an approach and working methods that last over time. It is also about following your heart and being true to your values. Sustainability is at the core when I work with my customers to create long-term change and lasting results.

Joy and laughter

Life should be fun, also at work. Being able to laugh together – and at yourself – is a blessing. The opportunity to work with colleagues and customers that you enjoy being around is something everyone should experience. I often burst out laughing when I am working, and I am so grateful for that.