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Lifelong learning is not only a buzzword; it is a necessity in today’s ever changing society and working life and self-knowledge is an important part of it.

I offer courses, workshops and lectures in rhetoric and communication skills, leadership development, personal leadership, and personal development, including Goal Mapping.

For individuals and organisations.


I will help you learn how to make your message become clearer and more precise, and you will learn how to argue for your cause in a constructive way. We will polish your presentation skills so that you feel comfortable in front of an audience and the audience will want to continue to listen to you.

Lectures | Workshops | Courses | Coaching



Do you feel alone as a leader? Do you have too many balls in the air? Do you want to grow as a leader?

I give lectures and workshops in leadership development, coaching leadership and personal leadership. The content will be adjusted to your needs and wishes. I also coach leaders who want to develop their leadership skills.



Do you want to make a change in your career or in your life? I will help you dream, structure your thoughts to find your way forward, and set relevant goals to make it happen.

Lectures, workshops and coaching – individually or as a group.

Personal leadership | Find your dream job | Goal Mapping


Do you want to dream big? Set goals and find the motivation to work towards achieving the goals?

Brian Mayne’s Goal Mapping is a method that helps you set goals. At the same time, you learn what is really important for you and what you can do in order to achieve it. You get practical tools that will help you reach your goals.

Certified Goal Mapping Practitioner since 2014.


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